Jungjin Metal Corporation, Ltd. has accumulated many years of experience
Only the best products with the best technology and know-how
We are growing into a company that is recognized by our customers.


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our customers for continuing support and encouragement to JUNG JIN METAL CORPORATION.

JUNG JIN METAL CORPORATION are acting in steel and stainless product’s Supplier in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam , Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, UK , Italy and All over country.

We are satisfied with our Main motto; We do our best to serve all our customers with items , and we achieve to find difficulty items to our clients, and have made all possible efforts to make it easy for problem, by providing best quality products, also we are convinced to supply any commodities proper for customer’s expected price for “remarkable products”.

We work hard to solve our buyer’s any problems in speedy delivery and quick Solution treatment and Idea. We make a promise to reconsider to dispatch to our commodities (Steel ,Stainless and H-beam, Angle and Channel, Flat bar, Round bar, Deformed Bar , Square bar, Seamless pipe and LSAW pipe and EFW pipe and SSAW pipe, Aluminum , Copper nickel products) in our clients, and to undertake a final visual inspection and dimensional Check list, self control Quality Systems inspection, PMI test, Ultrasonic examination, TPI( Third Parties Inspection) , Korea Lab( Chemical Composition Test / Physical properties Test - EN 10204 3.2 Certificate). We look forward to your continuing cooperation for JUNG JIN METAL CORPORATION .

Sincerely yours.
Written by Thomas John/President